Friday, September 7

Poetry Friday: A Balanced Meal

School finally started in this neck of the woods and in honor of that I thought I'd trot out this little lunch box surprise.
A Balanced Meal
by David Elzey

I brought my lunch to school today
With all my favorite stuff,
Like French toast topped with gravy
And burnt marshmallow fluff.

My sandwich includes pickled eggs
With jam and sauerkraut,
Hot mustard and green jelly beans
Between two slabs of trout.

Inside my Thermos that I filled
With cream of liver soup
I added chocolate covered ants;
They melted into goop.

And don't forget to brings some fruit
For snack, my father brays.
I prefer to eat green grapes
All smeared in mayonnaise.

I have the finest lunch around,
The best in any grade.
You couldn’t find a better meal
So... do you want to trade?
The funny thing is, I keep offering to make the girls a lunch to take to school but they'd rather have the school hot lunch. You don't think this poem could have anything to do with that, do you?
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