Saturday, July 28

On Holiday

And a proper one at that. Call it a belated honeymoon (when did we get married?), a little adult time, or a celebration of someone taking (and passing we trust!) the Bar Exam, my sweetie and I are headed off on a major two-city tour of Europe.

Which means that I'll be dark here until sometime around August 12th. I'm hoping to just chill for a couple weeks and come back refreshed and ready to hunker down with some writing. I'm also hoping to come back with one or two discoveries of my own. Okay, maybe a picture book or two, and the Dutch equivalent of Dick and Jane.

And speaking of Jane, I hope to finally get to my review of The Plain Janes when I'm back home. Short version: I think I like it. But there's another book in queue I most decidedly did not like and I just can't decide whether it's worth the time to even think about. Maybe something by Garth Nix? We'll see.

Catch up with y'all in the dog days!

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Anonymous said...

Travel safely, and have a blast. We'll miss you, but enjoy the break!