Tuesday, April 24

dot dot dot

I don't generally traffic in kidlit news as I find others out there do it much better and more frequently, but this story from The Walrus hit my radar while checking out information on Grimm tales. The Grimm reference is almost tangential, the story is about the disappearance of childhood and the audience for books to go with. In particular I chortled at this particular quote:
If picture books are on the wane, Young Adult fiction is thriving. “You should write YA,” a publisher told me. “That’s where the money is.”
What kind of money are we talking about, exactly?

Actually, there's a nice little breakdown on how the children's book market has changed under the weight of big bookstores (perhaps nothing new, but good to remember) and I'm always a sucker for an article that references Neil Postman's work. I am, admittedly, a product of his Soft Revolution.

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