Monday, January 7

2007 Cybils Graphic Novel Finalists

The second round of Cybils nominations went up this morning, including the Graphic Novel category for which I am a judge this year. Going in was a little nervous that perhaps I would be at sea in this category, that I'd have a lot of reading to catch up on once they shortlists were posted.

Nope, most I either already own or have read. Actually, only one title was new to me. I'm not saying which because I don't want to suggest that somehow it is a lesser title and automatically on the outs.

I was about to say that 'd reviewed more than half the nominees here but a quick look through the archives prove that is not true. It's no secret to me that I read far more than I can review -- time, the avenger! -- but I was certain I had something to say about a couple of unrepresented titles in the past.

Overall I'm very happy with the shortlist and am looking forward to seeing how all this plays out. If you haven't checked out the nominees in all the categories, or haven't got a clue about the Cybils at all, head on over to Cybil Central and check it out.

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