Friday, January 11

The Race of the Century

"retold" and "illustrated" by Barry Downard
Simon & Schuster

Put. The Photoshop. Down.

Seriously, this is one of the most atrociously illustrated books I've seen in a stretch.

Retelling the Aesop Tortoise and Hare fable what we have goes beyond the usual anthropomorphic animals, it actually grafts human features like eyes, lips, hair and teeth onto the animals to create a creepy Island of Dr. Moreau Special Animal Olympics. Tortoise remains on all fours with his toffee brown eyes and toothy grin but hare has his rabbit head and tale plopped onto the toned body of an aerobics instructor. Equally disturbing is the fact that the images are rendered in a spectrum of gray-muted colors resembling the mystery meat platter from an industrial cafeteria.



Becky said...

That is definitely a cover I don't think I could bear to reach for, let alone touch, at the library or bookstore.

Thanks for the review, er, warning. I think I'll stick with Milo Winter and Bugs Bunny.

Anonymous said...

I've written elsewhere in defense of the digital but this is abominable.

Wow... the longer you look at it the worse it gets. It's like a Magic-Eye picture of awfulness.


Minh said...

wow. where did you find that monstrosity? It looks like a cross between some kind of Freudian nightmare and a bad Tom Petty music video.