Monday, May 21

Way. Too. Much.

Welcome to all and sundry who may have tripped over here via Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast or, as we like to say in our culture of abbreviation, 7Imp.

When I agreed to the interview I thought "well, it'll be small and quick and a fast read" because, honestly, it's not like I'm M.T. Anderson or Grace Lin or someone like that. I didn't realize I had so much of myself... out there, for all to see. It feels like way. too. much.

The interview is there, the blog is here. Thanks for stopping by. Now, back to the business at hand.

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Anonymous said...

Can't find a way to leave a comment at the post under this one, but I just wanted to say that I love those two board books, too. I was planning on mentioning them on our site as well. I enjoyed reading the broader commentary on board books, too.

I'm not going to launch into a discussion of modern art and Warhol's contribution to the art world and such with a two-year-old, but I'm always for exposing my children to different ways of seeing the world and the ways in which an artist can interpret something so entirely differently from another artist. So, blah blah don't know if that makes sense, but that's one reason why I love those two board books.