Thursday, September 13

Vote! Vote! For Octogoat!

I cannot help it, my suggestion for the Adam Rex Contest over at Ironic Sans is the first choice listed. I'm sure most of you have a horse in this race as well, but if you don't and you like to see what Adam Rex can do with my recycler extraordinaire then, please, go vote!

Seriously, my sad little Octogoat is only at 1% of all votes so far, trailing well behind the leader AMBIGUGUS, The Remarkably Unmemorable Man with 27%.

Voting ends tomorrow at midnight EST.

I thank you for your kind indulgence.


Kathaclysm said...

I actually really, really liked the Octogoat, but I voted for my own suggestion (Captain Hyde N. Seik) and then discovered I could only vote once. I think Octogoat would be much cuter though.

david elzey said...

Thanks, Kath, but you really have to support your own in this things so I totally understand.

I reminds this one time in elementary school when nearly 40 kids wanted to be student body president. What a fractious mess of vote splitting!

I partly think that all of us who entered should write stories about our characters and have Adam Rex compile and illustrate the book...

Anyway, thanks for your support!

Sara said...

"...all of us who entered should write stories about our characters..." I'm holding you to that, David. Octogoat lives!

david elzey said...

Uh... I'l' do it... if everyone else does!

Jon Harmon said...

Hmm, I'm in. Good idea. Ambigugus is mine, and, darnit, was posted before Anon, which is the same torture-Adam-Rex theme.