Wednesday, February 7

Purple and Brown Distraction

I was going to tackle The Higher Power of Lucky today but something in me said it could wait.

I don't normally like to cross-pollinate my various interests without some sort of connection, but this I had to share. Aardman Animation, recently dumped by Disney (good for them) has been producing these little gems for Nickelodeon. They are addictive, incredibly silly, and perhaps occasionally offensive.

And I loved them. Really perked up my afternoon. Enjoy Purple and Brown at your own peril.


Anonymous said...

Aardman were not 'dumped' and have never worked with Disnesy. We agree on Purple and Brown though, they're great.

david elzey said...

Correction, they were dumped by Dreamworks. And, yes, they were dumped. Dreamworks wasn't happy with the revenues from the Wallace and Gromit movie and Flushed Away and that's that.

When the larger partner in Hollywood (or any corporate enterprise for that matter) is involved in dissoving a partnership, and states financial disappointment, the lesser party is always the dumpee unless otherwise stated.