Monday, February 28

Mirror Mirror

A Book of Reversible Poems
by Marylin Singer
illustrated by Josee Masse
Dutton / Penguin  2010

I do Singer an injustice
with this review
(depending on your point of view).

There are two sides
to every story~

Whether given or received,
an apple can mean life or death
as far as Snow White is concerned.
To a hungry Wolf, and Little Red
in the woods,
a treat means different things.

There are always opposing forces.
In these twelve classic tales–
side by side,
two poems apiece,
using identical wording–
lines are reflected
top to bottom,
bottom to top:
This form, called the reverso,
is a clever trick.

Like all heroic tales,
you end
you begin.

Singer navigates
the impossible
the simplest details
wisps of plot-

wisps of plot
the simplest of details
the impossible.

Singer navigates.

You begin
you end,
like all heroic tales.

A clever trick
this form, called the reverso.

Bottom to top,
top to bottom,
lines are reflected
using identical wording.

Two poems:
Side by side,
in these twelve classic tales
there are always opposing forces.

A treat means different things
in the woods
to a hungry Wolf and Little Red.
As far as Snow White is concerned
an apple can mean life or death,
whether given or received.

To every story
there are two sides,
depending on your point of view.

(With this review
I do Singer an injustice.



Heidi Mordhorst said...

This form has been kicking my butt, but you nailed it. Has she seen this?

david elzey said...

you think i nailed it? i feel like the there should have been more of a 'flip' in the meaning when it turned around. the problem being i didn't want my opinion to reverse or contradict my thoughts on the way back.

but i tried, and i think sometimes you really need to understand a process by actually giving it a go. and so.